Dessert Port Macquarie

The Sweeter Side of Town – Port Mac’s Seven Best Desserts

Port Macquarie’s Best Desserts

We believe that a meal without dessert is essentially just breakfast (although we totally support dessert breakfast), and going without should be illegal. Luckily, we won’t let you go hungry with what we think are the seven best desserts in Port.

Whalebone Wharf | Almond Semifreddo

You’ll leave feeling like its name sake, but it’s totally worth it. We would do terrible things to eat the almond semifreddo every day. Rich and creamy with caramelised banana, almond-chia crumble and honeycomb, we think it’s the bees knees.

Botanic Wine Garden | Botanic Bombe

Our favourite wine bar in Port is also home to one of our favourite desserts – the Botanic Bombe. Covered in toasted lemon meringue with tangy passionfruit curd, it’s an absolute flavour explosion.

Blue Cow Gelato | Coconut & Lime Gelato

With their constantly changing flavours it’s hard to pick a fave when it comes to Blue Cow Gelato. Expect the unexpected with lavender, taro, Tim Tam and Milo popping up on the menu. Our favourite? We love keeping it super zesty with coconut and lime on a hot Port day!

The Stunned Mullet | Carrot & Miso Cake

Carrot and miso might not be ingredients you expect to pop up on a dessert menu, but The Stunned Mullet is all about breaking the rules. The super eclectic carrot miso cake comes with coconut rice pudding, honey lavender ice cream, pistachio, confit carrot and fennel. Vegetables = healthy, right?

Zebu Bar & Grill | Liquorice & Chocolate Parfait

Chocolate bullets have never tasted this good! Combining our childhood love for lollies with the sophistication of a parfait, the Liquorice and chocolate masterpiece from Zebu never fails to impress. Topped with poached cherries, it’s just the thing to finish off your night.

Urban Grain Bakery | Cronut

We fully embrace pastries for breakfast, and they don’t come much better than the light, fluffy morsels from Urban Grain. As well as pretzels and sourdough loaves they also have perfect pastries. We are big fans of the lemon myrtle and dulce caramel chocolate cronuts – GO NUTS!

Our diet can start tomorrow!