Port Macquarie’s Favourite Local Beaches

Locals see, locals do.

Even with a bounty of blissful beaches on our doorstep, Port Macquarie locals know where to go for an extra dose of peace and quiet.

This summer, escape the crowds and soak up some sun at these fan favourites:


Miners Beach

Accessible only by foot, Miners Beach isn’t afraid to bare all it’s got to the general public. This cheeky nudist hotspot is surrounded by gorgeous cliffs and greenery, creating the perfect shelter from the rest of the world. You can make your way down to the beach by taking the scenic Sea Acres Nature Walk as an additional perk!

Lake Cathie Beach

About a 15 minute drive away from the heart of Port Macquarie, you’ll find the Lake Cathie settlement, which follows the back of the beach for continuous access. From a park and picnic area to 4WD access to the next beach across, you, your kids, and your fur kids will have a top time out without the hustle and bustle found at popular beaches. 

Wash House Beach

If you love nature beyond the basis of a humble beach, Wash House Beach is the one for you. Discover a tonne of awesome rock pools, enjoy the view of birdlife soaring above (and not swooping, thankfully), or kick back in the sand for a slick tan.

North Beach

Possibly the most secluded beach of all, North Beach makes for a top 4WD and beach fishing spot. You’ll have to take the ferry from Settlement Point to North Shore to access this puppy, but trust us, it’s worth it.


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